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Published: 12 2020

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One of my favorite moments is when I am with my daughter, youngest one, enjoying a drink of English tea on my coffee table.

Indeed, I have a wonderful faux leather coffee table with storage at home, it looks amazing and the wonderful thing is that I bought it from the flea market near where I live three years ago.

I’m not going to talk about my coffee table a lot, however, due to my work, I am a faux leather artisan, I repair, clean and even make and create faux leather items, I receive many faux leather coffee tables with storage in my shop, and I tend to always notice the same problems, that’s why I would like to give you some advice on how to select the best one for you and most importantly, what are the traps you must avoid at all costs.

The first trap I see people making all the time is related to the price!

Whenever I have a terrible case in my shop, I always ask the owner about the price, and I’m most of the time dazzled at what I hear, people telling me that they have bought their faux leather coffee tables with storage for less than fifty dollars, and sometimes, for just twenty-five dollars, new!

I bought my faux leather coffee table with storage for 0 and it was old and damage from the sides!

When dealing with faux leather objects, you must understand that the cheaper they are, the less quality fabric they will be made of, especially if they are new.

Then, the best advice I can give you is to avoid cheap products, in fact, as much as possible, and when you think that a coffee table you’ve found is very affordable and too cheap in your opinion, don’t buy it, it would probably start peeling and cracking within the next few months of use!

The next trap to avoid is metal framing.

In modern faux leather coffee tables with storage, you will definitely find that they are made with metal framing, usually iron!

I have nothing against this, but if the iron tubes aren’t very strong, your faux leather coffee table is going to become handicapped and awkward looking within just a few months of use!

My advice is to always go with wood, indeed, it’s much more expensive, but at least, it’s durable and it will last you for many decades.

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