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Published: 21 2020

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November 2012 – Page 4 – Dr. Sara Nasserzadeh

A: There is no single answer to this question because some men at this age would have sex a few times a week and some have once a month so it is not really age dependent as much as it is life style and relational especially because he is healthy. One things I advise your friend to look at is the patterns, has there been any changes? If yes, was it gradual or suddenly? For example if they always had sex twice a month then if it is once a month now, it is still “normal” for them but if they used to have sex three times a week and all of a sudden it dropped to twice a month then there might be an issue. One of the major factors here is the context of their lives, for example if he works long hours, is under financial pressure or there are other stressors in their lives he might not be up for sex as frequently as he used to be. The one thing your friend needs to keep in mind is that as men age they need more physical stimulation to be prepared for sex. I hope this helps.

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